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Lyric: Better Every Day

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

At Cat's House Party on 05.18.19. Photo by my good friend, Chris Dines.

I feel better every day

I feel better every day

I feel better every day, so long to my years fighting back my tears.

I'm not waiting on your call

Hardly think of you at all

Hardly notice how I miss your arms, fingertips, your name on my lips.

And if the street light disturbs my sleep tonight

I'll be glad to clear the dreams of you from my mind

And maybe I'll wake up smiling in the morn

Feeling glad to have been born

I feel better every day but nights are so sad

I feel better but I still feel bad

Some old memory's always in my way

Every day.

--Brian Bacon (written February 16, 2019)

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