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Following no one's lead, this piano-playing songwriter with a gorgeous voice explores the woodsy labyrinth of micro-tragedies, stunted personalities and open secrets that define Midwestern Gothic literature. Incorporating an emotive blend of folk, gospel and modern Broadway musicality, Brian has separated himself from earlier classic songwriters like Randy Newman or Bruce Springsteen, whose lyrics are similar in story-telling and character development, creating something at once grander and more fragile.  

His first album of ten songs, entitled "Twigs", was released in 2022.  Self-described as "a mixtape I was too shy to deliver, spending the summer listening to it alone in an empty baseball field -- the sound of freight trucks on the freeway miles in the distance", it provided a blueprint for the kind of expertly arranged and orchestrated character his piano-and-vocal driven solo performances would assume with a backing band in the studio.

His follow up album, "Murder of Crows" (forthcoming in 2024) takes this transformation further. Teaming up with Nashville-based producer, Nick Bullock, to concoct Jeff Lynne-inspired vintage synth and guitar sound walls has given his already prevalent nostalgic leanings a push in a decidedly 1970s direction.


Click to listen on Soundcloud---

Good Earth of Ours:  dreamlike indie folk with three-part harmony

Murder of Crows:  Modern Midwestern Gothic rock tune

Where Has Bruce Been:  Rust Belt folk rock with a tragic, cinematic story

Andrew:  Raw, solo acoustic tune about what no one talked about back home




Brian is equally capable of performing as a soloist or with a band.  On this tour he will do both, depending on the venue and opportunity.

In solo performance, Brian cleaves to the approach of an intimate folk songster, letting the stories breathe, delivering them simply with unaffected piano self-accompaniment.  With a band behind him on stage, something larger emerges with the force of a wave and the same slow determination to carry hearts like ships between the shores of emotion and imagination.  This protean ability to modulate and fit audiences and venues makes him a road-ready commodity, capable of delivering memorable experiences from any stage he is given.  

Brian's full band includes five members -- electric guitar, drums, bass, organ and himself on vocals and keyboards.  As a soloist he performs alone at his piano, or he can perform with backing tracks and his guitarist for a slightly fuller sound.  

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contact info

Below is a tentative outline of the 12-city "Midwestern Gothic Storybook Tour" in support of the new album.  In most of these locations, I have worked with local supporting acts in the past and expect to again on this tour.

03 Oct  Pittsburgh, PA      Pittsburgh Winery

04 Oct  Buffalo, NY          Nietszche's

05 Oct  Columbus, OH     Rambling House

07 Oct  Canton, OH          Auricle

09 Oct  Cincinnati, OH    TBD

11 Oct   Louisville, KY       TBD

12 Oct  Nashville, TN        TBD

13 Oct  Knoxville, TN        Barley's Tap Room

16 Oct  Atlanta, GA           TBD

17 Oct  Asheville, NC        TBD

18 Oct  Lexington, KY      Void Sake Co.

19 Oct  Cleveland, OH      Cleveland Spotlight

The Midwestern Gothic Storybook Tour is a proud DIY operation!  Contact Brian directly in either of the following ways --




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