Brian was born and raised in Ohio, spending most of his childhood in a small town called Columbiana full of families who survived on factory work and construction labor.  His own family was strictly religious and his father was a football coach, so he spent Sundays in church and Fridays at the games--two environments full of grownups in the throes of strong corporate emotions.  He took it as a warning about herd-mentality:  “I really didn’t learn to identify with anyone older than me until i was leaving high school and began to notice that English teachers were kind of subversive.”  

Even in a community of very no-nonsense people, Brian’s interest in music took hold-- thanks largely to a very ambitious music teacher in the public school system who audaciously taught third-graders how to read and write music, and to an inherited collection of records that first belonged to his aunt:  Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Paul McCartney and Wings, Motown singles, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.  He was picking out vocal harmonies, bass lines and drum patterns by the age of 2.  And it was inevitable that he would eventually discover the Beatles, the band who became his pre-adolescent obsession.         

His mother acquired an old piano that was headed to a garbage heap but for her coordinating its delivery to the Bacon house and Brian took piano lessons for a few years before leaving for Nashville to college where he studied to become an actor at Belmont University.  Acting didn’t pan out.  But after moving back to Ohio and settling in Cleveland, he found a voice instructor who worked with him for 10 years while he started a family (including 2 daughters) and worked as a church musician.  

You can hear a lot of longing, nostalgia, and hymnody in Brian’s voice and in his lyrics.  There is a struggle going on in his soul that comes across--the stories behind the songs often involve people losing things they haven't prepared to give up--but also a calm acceptance that inspires peace in his listeners.  This depth of talent and experience is what enables him to bridge country and jazz in the way that he does:  pairing Broadway-caliber, blue-eyed soul vocal agility with folk simplicity in delivery.  Being able to access powerful dynamism and range but still deliver very heartfelt and sincere lyrical performances is what sets him apart both as a singer and a songwriter.    

Brian is currently booking gigs at small, intimate venues, bars and festivals.  He plays hour long sets of originals or two sets combining originals and covers, either as a soloist or with a band.  Use the form below to contact him at or message him on Facebook or Instagram. Social links on this site navigate to his profile pages.

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